Simplified Marketing 4 You president,

Carol Solis’ background allows organizations to use her consulting expertise in any area to do with “sales”. For twenty years, she has customized courses in sales and telephone techniques for businesses ranging from small to Fortune 1000 companies. They have spanned one end of the spectrum to the other. Whether providing services or products, her clients have doubled and even tripled their sales after Carol’s training.

Today Carol can be hired as a consultant to assist your company in any of the following:
  • Start up call centres A-Z
  • Needs’ Assessments with your team. Her report will give you an insight into your people’s strengths, weaknesses and whether they are the right match for the job
  • Customized Telephone Technique Training, the TeleSuccess Way. This is a 3-day customized telephone technique course that is tailored to your business. It takes four to six weeks to prepare. All benefit statements, case studies, scripts and role plays are developed specifically for your needs
  • Hiring the right individuals for your business, whether it is customer service, telemarketing or inside/outside sales.

Carol will provide management with the tools and skills to run a thriving telemarketing or customer service department. She can assist your company in developing or creating your own in-house teams, whether it is inside sales, customer service or telemarketing. Carol’s sales telephone techniques are customised to the client and she can set up the department from beginning to end. She will hire individuals, just like she does for her own company. Nothing is missed or falls through the cracks. Carol addresses every detail, even helping management know what to look for and what types of results to expect.

Success Stories

After three weeks of Carol’s training, the inside sales/telemarketing team of a telecommunications company increased their sales from 180 to 420 a day. That is more than double!

An office and printing company hired Carol to evaluate the department and restructure their outside sales team. They also hired Simplified Marketing 4 You – TeleSuccess to book appointments and open doors for their team. Simplified Marketing’s resulting success rate in closing for appointments was 40%. The aim was to help the business look good and they sure did! Accordingly, the company achieved their goal of selling the business to a national corporation.

A Fortune 1000 software company had an 18.7% success rate with the Simplified Marketing 4 You direct mail campaign. The norm is usually 2%, and everyone is jumping for joy.